Chalkboard Save-the-Date Magnets

May 24, 2016

Hello there! So it took some time figuring out the logistics but I finally got myself together to send out our Chalkboard Save-the-Date Magnets. Using Photoshop, I designed a graphic of a small calendar with our wedding date circled and a cute monogram with our names on it. Of course, to go with our rustic winter Tuscan theme, chalkboard was a must! Believe me, these save-the-dates were well thought out.



We put so much time and effort into it and we are so happy with the end result. Once I completed designing the graphic and we were happy with it, we went onto VistaPrint’s website to place an order for a set of business card magnets. We knew that out of the 45 invitees we would only need to send out about 20 to 22 Chalkboard Save-the-Date Magnets because some family members share the same address—duh! To be on the safe side, we ordered 25. Worst case scenario we would order more later if any of them came damaged but once they arrived we know we were in the clear. They are just stunning!


Since the magnet is the size of a business card, we knew we had to find some sort of gift card envelope small enough to accommodate. We searched and searched to find something that fits our taste and theme. We found a set of recycled grocery bag envelopes the size of a business card! We snagged those for the low on Amazon. What better than tiny envelopes made of recycled material for two very green girls? Yas kween.



We had to do some research when it came to the postage stamps because it is a much smaller package than usual. We came to the conclusion that each one would need a postcard stamp to appropriately fit the small weight of the Chalkboard Save-the-Date Magnets. We found cute little nifty ones with birds in different colors but opted for a much higher quality product. Although it was difficult to place an order with Zazzle, we were able to design custom chalkboard save-the-date postage stamps {0.35 ¢ postcard} with our wedding date on them and everything! Absolutely gorgeous. Woodsy, brown, and chalkboard! What more could a girl ask for?


My biggest worry was the return address information. Do I write it by hand on each and every single envelope? Do I print out neat little labels for each save-the-date? Or, do I design my own family logo on Photoshop and submit the design to VistaPrint to create a custom self-inking return address stamp? I asked myself all these questions, and; when I finally sat down to take a breather, I decided the latter would be the best option. Not only would it be very unique to have our own family logo engraved on the return address stamp but it would set a trend for the family to look out for mail coming from us with that very same Lopez-Sarraff family logo.



The guys and gals at VistaPrint helped make sure that my custom design looked good on the circular stamp that we chose. You should’ve seen our faces light up with joy on the day that it came in the mail and we saw it for the first time. It’s like every single time we check another thing off of the master wedding to do list {the biggest checklist of our lives} we can’t help but get emotional and realize we’re going to marry each other all over again in front of the people we love.



DIY wedding planning has been an amazing experience thus far. Once we had all of the materials, we sat down on a mission. Originally, I wanted Lala to fill out all of the invitations for me because I absolutely love her handwriting. I’ve been telling her that since I was little and I thought I would finally take advantage of that and use it to my own benefit, but; of course, when I finally had the opportunity I didn’t seize it and I absolutely forgot. That’s okay because when we got back home from that trip to Miami two months ago, I realized I could practice and do it myself. And you know what? I did! And it came out freaking good. Great, actually. Absolutely positively marvelous.




  • VistaPrint

    • Business card magnets

      • $10.50 for 50

      • 0.42 ¢ per magnet

    • Return address stamp

      • $24.00 for 1

      • over 500 impressions



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