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Chalkboard Heart Place Cards

February 11, 2018


This is a long overdue post and I won't even begin to hit you up with a gazillion "sorries". I have been beyond busy. There is just SO MUCH GOING ON. My gosh, where do I begin. I tried to read my last few posts to get a grip on my vibe but; as per usual, I fell off at the end of the year. Let's start up with some festive Chalkboard Heart Place Cards for the sweetest Valentine's Day table setting and then tell you all the things I have to say.







Now, now, don't beat me up about it! I typically fall off in like August or September because I literally consume myself with all things spooky Halloween that I forget to get on here.


This time, it was more than just forget and/or put it on the back burner. 2017 came with it's share of fun times and hardships. Blogging wise, I put a lot of work in with the hopes that I would see more growth. Unfortunately, although there was not much growth, I personally grew myself with all my attempts to make eHealed boom. Thank God for growth. I have a lot of faith in what God is doing through my Essentially Healed movement. One day at a time. "Slow and steady wins the race", isn't that what they say?



So...to get back to my point, the lack of growth was discouraging. Another thing that pushed me away from posting my scheduled December posts was the fact that I had curated so many DIY tutorials along with healthy recipes that it became overwhelming to actually write a post for each and share them since they were unplanned.



All things considered, none of those hypothetical posts were the ones I had scheduled. Everything I was planning to broadcast on here was going to be my 2016 Candyland Christmas theme stuff. Anything from the cutest Gingerbread Mistletoe to the most colorful Floating Candyland Wreath and, of course, the funnest Candyland Christmas Tree Decor you ever did see!



Welp, I have another grand thing that happened in my life that contributed to my blog hiatus or, better yet, procrastination. It's a really good thing so at least it's not as bad as being overwhelmed and discouraged. This other super good news has come in the form of a huge blessing in my life. I got a job at the renown Video Relay Service company, Purple Communications.



Thanks to a great friend and colleague, the referral came to me for the position. After interviewing and taking the rigorous assessment, I was given an offer I simply couldn't resist. I will talk more about my work at Purple on other coming posts. Don't worry, I have plenty of stories to tell now.





Chalkboard Heart Place Cards


Let's start up with some festive Chalkboard Heart Place Cards for the sweetest Valentine's Day table setting and then tell you all the things I have to say.



Prep time: 5 mins

Work time: 5 mins

Total time: 10 mins

Makes: 4 place cards









  • 1 pkg chalkboard hearts*

  • Chalk

  • Heart stickers



  1. Set the table.

  2. Open your pkg of chalkboard hearts.

  3. To season your chalkboards, first, wipe with a soft rag. Take a piece of chalk and rub the entire surface, with the side of the chalk stick, ensuring the board is covered. Wipe again. Once again, using the side of your chalk, rub the entire surface horizontally making sure the entire board is covered. Wipe or blow off any excess chalk dust. Voilà…. it’s seasoned and ready to use.

  4. Write each person's name on their own individual place card. Add a heart sticker to each.

  5. Set your place cards on your plates.



  • The package of wooden chalkboard hearts I got was from the dollar section of my local Target and it brings 5. For this DIY, I only used 4 and saved the other for a gift.

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February 12, 2019

February 4, 2019

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February 12, 2019

February 4, 2019

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