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Bridesmaid Accessories

June 8, 2016

I finally chose the Bridesmaid Accessories for the wedding. Yippee! We are getting closer and closer to the big day every moment that passes us by. We are working hard together to make it happen without a wedding planner. It is certainly a hard task to complete but I think that this is the beginning of much planning in life to come. If anything, it has taught me teamwork. Not only do I have to consult my wife but also my maid of honor, bridesmaids, parents, in-laws…you get it. IT’S A LOT! I just know that the big day will be perfect {in the name of the Lord} and that even if it doesn’t go my way, it will go His way.



Being that we decided on the official Lopez-Sarraff Wedding Color Palette already, we selected rose gold and copper to be the metallic highlights of the event. I absolutely love rose gold jewelry and copper accents. I have my everyday jewelry on at all times: wedding ring and band, earrings (two holes each ear), Pandora bracelet, Runtastic Moment Basic Watch. All of it is a mix and match of white gold and rose gold. We thought the copper tones of rose gold would be the perfect pop for the wedding ceremony AND reception.



For these stated reasons, we decided that all pertinent wedding jewelry will be rose gold! This covers the Bridesmaid Accessories and us, the brides. We are also hoping to influence the attendees to have a spark of copper or rose gold the day of. If they don’t, that’s okay, too. No pressure. We will just be happy to be surrounded by those we love and love us. No matter what, we grateful to those who made it out to celebrate. After all, it is our big day. We will have the biggest smiles on our faces all day. I mean, as long as the Bridesmaid Accessories are exactly beautiful and perfection. Am I right or am I right?



The ladies have not gotten their jewelry from me just yet because I haven’t made the time to gather the girls together during one of my small visits to Miami. Next time I visit, they will get their little Bridesmaid Accessories package. This isn’t the big reveal to them, so don’t worry. They are all on a group chat with me where I share inspiration, ideas, decisions, plans and all the possible bridezilla madness I can come up with.



Little by little, they assist me in making sure the checklist is being accomplished and pushing me towards the next goal so that the official weekend of the Lopez-Sarraff wedding can be total relaxation nation without a worry in the world. Am I dreaming or what? We are almost there: 185 more days!





  • Earrings

    • rose gold round studs


  • Necklace

    • rose gold bar bone




  • Bracelet

    • diamond chain

Bridesmaid Accessories


I chose the Bridesmaid Accessories for the wedding. Yippee! We are getting closer to the big day & working together to make it happen without a wedding planner.







  1. Cut the cork board into small 3 x 2 cuts.

  2. For the earrings, make symmetrical holes on each cork slice using the earring post. Pop each earring set in place and close the back. Repeat until you've stored all the bridesmaid earring studs.

  3. For the necklaces, drop the chain into a jewelry bag and tape to the back of each cork slice. Pull bar bone necklace up, allowing it to hang nicely on the front of the cork. Repeat until you've stored all the bridesmaid bar bone necklaces.

  4. For the bracelets, fill each jewelry box with basket shred, top with bracelet and close the box. Repeat until you've stored all the bridesmaid diamond bracelets.

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