Boo Burlap Ribbon Garland

October 3, 2017

Another one of my Halloween DIY projects that I've held onto in the last two years has been this adorable yet spooky Boo Burlap Ribbon Garland.


It may take a bit to gather all the supplies but I'm sure that your local craft store or even Dollar Tree you can find it all. If you struggle to find the bits and pieces to get this all together, use what you have on hand or click the links in the tutorial below to purchase through Amazon.



This creepy and fun to make Boo Burlap Ribbon Garland is a spooky addition to any Halloween Home Decor. It's easy to store in a plastic bag after the fact and have ready for the following year. How cool is that?!


To be honest, sometimes I do give into the garlands I find at the store for a couple box that are discardable after the holiday. Whenever I have the opportunity to make them myself, I find it best because I can save it for the next year and, in turn, save money down the pike.


What other cool tutorials have you followed or created for this witching season?





Boo Burlap Ribbon Garland


This creepy and fun to make Boo Burlap Ribbon Garland is a spooky addition to any Halloween Home Decor.



Prep time: 45 mins

Work time: 30 mins

Total time: 1 hour 15 mins

Makes: 1 tiered garland










  1. Plug in your hot glue gun.

  2. Cut four 5" pieces of burlap into the shape of a triangle.

  3. Add a dab or two of black acrylic paint onto a paper plate. Using your small paint brush, paint "BOO!" onto your burlap triangle—one letter/symbol on each. Make sure not to paint too close to the top in order to glue it onto the twine later. Set aside to dry.

  4. Cut eleven 4" pieces of black ribbon and thirteen 4" pieces orange ribbon. If desired, paint some of them with liquid white out. Get creative adding lines, polka dots and any designs you'd like. Allow to dry for a few minutes. Fold all your black and orange ribbon strips halfway. Set aside.

  5. If desired, glue a plastic spider to the middle of one of your burlap O's. Set aside to dry.

  6. Color a small part of your paper with your Sharpie. Allow a few seconds to dry. Once dry, punch 4 holes in the black part of the paper. These will be the eyes of the ghosts. Set aside.

  7. Cut two 3-4" pieces of gauze. Fold the gauze sheets in half. Add a little glue to each cotton ball. These are your ghost heads. Paste them into the crease of the gauze sheets. Shape the sheet to your liking. Put a bit of glue on the back side of your ghost eyes. Paste two onto each of your ghost heads. Allow to dry.

  8. Cut three pieces of baker's twine to desired length based on where you are hanging it. Measure the length of where you will be adhering it to and add a few inches for the perfect droop effect. Leaving approximately a 4-5" loop on each end, tie all three pieces of twine together with allowable layered drooping between them all.

  9. On a table, lay out the entire garland to being gluing all the pieces on.

  10. Glue the black and orange ribbon strips to the bottom row in alternating colors. Glue black pom-poms to the middle row with a few inches of space in between each. Glue a ghost on each end of the top row. Glue burlap "BOO!" to the top row with a few inches of space in between each and add remaining orange ribbon strips in between.

  11. Hang wherever desired for a spooky vibe! 



* I used different colors of twine for the garland.

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