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Bathing Suit Drying Rack

May 3, 2016

Our family has been ready to hit the beach for quite some time now. We live in Florida so we can basically hit the beach whenever we like to; yet, this winter was colder than usual here and spring has been quite chilly. Not everybody has the luxury of living in The Sunshine State so the time of year for swimwear and beachy attire is rolling right around the corner.


There’s a huge chunk of the year when you’ll catch me on the daily with a bathing suit on. Drying a wet bathing suit is the worst! If you go to the beach or pool often during the summer, you know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to hanging your swimwear out to dry. It’s definitely not good to put it in the dryer because it can ruin the fabric and altogether ruin the suit so it has to hang somewhere to dry up. We have a ton of bathing suits so that we can interchange while we have some of them hanging outside to dry. It’s a little bit inconvenient to have all of your patio chairs covered in wet bathing suits. The more people with wet clothing, the worse.



Since we did an at-home summer camp last year for the girls, we expect the same this year. With that in mind, I didn’t want to have wet clothes and bathing suits hanging to dry on my patio until August or September. Ugh, the worst! We would definitely be going to the pool and beach every other day if not every single day so it is inevitable to have wet tank tops, shorts, bikinis and all the like. Just the other day, we came back from an adventure at the beach—Cocoa Beach to be specific—and we had a huge bag of wet clothes. We had wet bikini tops and bikini bottoms, swim trunks, towels, beach shorts and even water shoes. That was the last of it for me. I knew I had to come up with something and it wasn’t going to be a clothing line because who does that? The people in Tuscany, Italy do but we’re in America. So, no, thank you.


When we moved to the new house, I took down a coat rack that used to be in my home office. I packed it up in a little box for the day I decided what I would do with it. As we arrived home from Cocoa Beach that late evening, it came to me! I ran to the living room where I had a box in a corner with all the pieces to that coat rack. I immediately sat on the floor and started building it. My wife looked at me like I was crazy but I told her I knew what I was doing. In less than five minutes, my coat rack was up and running—or should I say drying rack? I hopped and skipped to the patio and put it nicely in a corner.



Yes, she continued to look at me like I was crazy—just kidding—she knows I am crazy. I asked her to pass me the bathing suits and everything else that was wet. She finally started understanding what I was up to. I hung up everything and I suddenly turned my old useless coat rack into a recycled Bathing Suit Drying Rack.


I can tell you one thing for sure, we have been using it weekly and it has been miraculous for us. No more colorful eyesores on the patio. Everything is tucked away neatly in a corner of the patio on our beautiful new Bathing Suit Drying Rack. It actually gives a lot of character to the backyard. We love it and we think you will, too!




Bathing Suit Drying Rack


No more colorful eyesores on the patio! We turned an old useless coat rack into a recycled Bathing Suit Drying Rack, tucked away neatly in the backyard.



Prep time:  2 mins

Work time:  3 mins

Total time:  5 mins

Makes: 1 drying rack









  1. Build or relocate your coat rack.

  2. Find a convenient outdoor location to place your drying rack. Hang wet swimwear to dry as you would hang your coat.



  • It will take approximately overnight to completely dry everything.

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