Banana Cream Pie

March 26, 2016

Hoppy Easter!


Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it. And, what a beautiful day it is today. A day together gathered around family and friends to celebrate the great love of Jesus and His resurrection. We believe in His power and in what He came do on earth—and will come back to do as well. We want to try and live that out each day, even though doing His work is strenuous sometimes, we try our best.



Church first or after brunch? A thick slice of Banana Cream Pie is the perfect way to celebrate today. We made this for my dad’s birthday on Monday and literally whipped it up in less than an hour. The filling only consists of two ingredients and, of course, there’s nothing quicker {and tastier} than our Homemade Piecrust.


I’ve been researching about Banana Cream Pie all last month so that I can make the perfect one for my dad’s birthday—and now for Easter Sunday! Most recipes call for pure white sugar, Jell-O pudding and even Cool Whip. We don’t use any of those ingredients in our house so it was completely out of the question, well sometimes pudding. We thought the best way to make this time would be to use minimal ingredients that are wholesome and healthy.





Trust me, as a lover of all pies, this one is definitely one of my new favorites and personal best. Okay, I am biased since bananas are my favorite. Once we had a bite of the one we made on Monday, we know we had to scurry to get more bananas to make another Banana Cream Pie for our Easter Sunday brunch.



With a steamy ham in the oven and a variety of different salads filling up the refrigerator, the best of all it’s going to be the Banana Cream Pie for dessert. I did make some white chocolate fudge squares but that’s for a different post {later in the spring}. What’s on the menu at your Easter Sunday brunch or dinner?





Banana Cream Pie


Creamy, thick & filling Banana Cream Pie is the perfect Spring dessert. All-natural ingredients, no store-bought pudding, fresh bananas, Chantilly Cream: what more can you ask for in a pie?



Prep time:  1 hour

Cook time:  2 hours

Total time:  3 hours

Serves: 6-8








  1. Follow recipe for Homemade Piecrust. Bake. Remove from oven. Allow to cool.

  2. Slice bananas. Set aside.

  3. Follow recipe for Crème Chantilly. Set aside.

  4. Chop bananas. Puree in a blender until creamy. Fold banana cream into the Crème Chantilly. Set aside.

  5. Line sliced bananas at the bottom of the piecrust. Pour some pie filling into the crust. Create a second layer of sliced bananas. Pour more pie filling. Layer sliced bananas a third time. Pour the last of the pie filling.

  6. Top with remaining slices of banana as a garnish.

  7. Refrigerate for two hours.

  8. Serve.

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