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All-Natural Goo Gone

March 6, 2016

Do you hate sticky stuff on unnecessary surfaces? My All-Natural Goo Gone can do just the trick. I like to reuse bottles and jars and other good stuff for my DIY projects and crafts made of all kinds of materials. If you have ever read the ingredients on the back of a goo gone bottle, you will notice that there are a bunch of chemicals that do not even derive from orange oil, as they claim.


My first reaction when I read it was, “Are you kidding me?” I don’t like to knock products but I definitely want to toss any chemically infused products off of my shelves, drawers and cabinets—even if it meant throwing away my treasured goo gone. This gave me an itch for making my own version. I wanted something simple yet abrasive and, of course, natural.



Recipe Development


Out with the old and in with the new! Once I threw out my last bottle of goo gone, I was left with a big question…How am I supposed to refurbish old jars, bottles, plastic containers and everything else with sticky labels and residue? Ugh!


This was on top of the fact that I had several different projects on hold as they piled up on the shelves of my craft studio. I will post pictures of this soon enough as the house is still under construction and the craft studio might be moving up to the attic.


When I got to cracking on developing the "recipe" for this about a year ago, I knew I was onto something good and that I can make a homemade product that would be much better than store-bought kind. Sorry I’m not sorry. My favorite thing about my All-Natural Goo Gone is that it works just as directed. I cannot tell you how many times one of my projects has been delayed because the lack of efficiency of the store-bought version I had under my kitchen sink, which cost me anywhere from $5 to $7 per 2 oz bottle…like really? Really??


Now, with my All-Natural Goo Gone, I can tackle any sticky surface or any gunky residue stuck to anything material you can even imagine. I have even used it to remove the sturdiest of labels, the nastiest kitchen grease, and the grossest stuff, period. It all started with the urge to finalize some unfinished DIY projects and craft; yet, my All-Natural Goo Gone has turned into something more: a true Lopez-Sarraff family staple.



Home Ownership


When we first moved into our 100 year-old house, I’m sure I’ve said this before but if you didn’t know that’s what I call it, the kitchen was disgusting, as was the rest of the house. There was the nastiest of the nastiest sticky stuff on the ceiling, all over the kitchen counters and the backsplash tiles. I was so frustrated with my kitchen that I just didn’t know what else to do.


My wife was so kind as to remind me about the All-Natural Goo Gone we had made about a year ago. We use it very often but not for a moment I hadn’t realized how helpful this could be with my current disaster. We smeared our All-Natural Goo Gone all over the counters, the back-splash, the cabinets and everything else that had grease on it. I still wonder how it even got that nasty to begin with? Who knows! We left at a few hours and came back ready to fight the gunk off.


We knew this wasn’t your typical removal of sticky substances so we knew we had to use with something more abrasive—even though this already only has 3 ingredients (!!)—so we used a blade and a sponge {our personal favorite being Scrub Daddy*}. This really did do the trick! Our kitchen looks brand spanking new now with the huge clean up, new appliances, change of cabinetry hardware AND a lot of elbow grease.


*wipes sweat off brow and pats back*



Clean Kitchen


We have had guests come stay for a few days and they thought we remodeled the kitchen! We do hope to do so sooner than later but some other projects had priority. Boy am I glad we used our All-Natural Goo Gone to clean up the kitchen before I marked it a completely lost cause! I promise you will never spend an extra dime on goo gone again. I can say I am 99.9% sure you have all 3 ingredients at any given time at home so you will never, ever pay for an abrasive goo gone. If you make some All-Natural Goo Gone, please don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and comments. Much love to you, all.





All-Natural Goo Gone


Don't spend an extra dime when you can make your own All-Natural Goo Gone. You may even have all 3 ingredients at any given time at home, easy peasy.



Prep time:  2 mins

Work time:  3 mins

Total time:  5 mins

Makes: 5 oz








Essential Oils





  1. Mix ingredients in a small mason jar until smooth.

  2. To use, apply generously on your sticky or grimy surface (glass, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, acrylic, laminate, wood) The tougher the surface, the longer you should leave it. If need be, scrape off with blade.

  3. Wash off with warm water and rinse as usual.

  4. If there is still left over residue, repeat again but remove with an abrasive sponge, such as Scrub Daddy, under warm water.

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