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9 Household Uses for Magic Eraser

May 12, 2016

Cleaning is tedious but read on to find out the best 9 Household Uses for Magic Eraser that my wife and I use in our home and you should be doing, too!





  • Toilet

    • Toilet rings? Sickness hiding in the creases? Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty as long as you have some gloves on and a magic eraser—and your hand. Wipe it off like it was water and flush the toilet. Brand spanking new!

  • Shower stall

    • Unable to completely see-through the glass in your shower stall? Is everything full of mineral deposits? With a wet magic eraser and just a little bit of elbow grease, it will be shining in no time.

  • Bath tub

    • Absolutely hate the disgusting orange, red and black spots that accumulate on the shower tiles and around the bathtub? Everybody does. This might need a little bit more elbow grease using the magic eraser but it’s so worth it in the long run. If you do it often enough, there won’t be any need for scrubbing to do and the magic eraser dissolves.

  • Sink

    •  Toothpaste stuck on your bathroom sink? Easy! Wipe off with a damp magic eraser and you’re good to go.





  • Vase

    • Dirty vase with gooey, icky stuff on it? Take a quick wipe with your magic eraser and boom. All clean.

  • Mason jar

    • I would say the same for mason jars. Even at the top of the jar that maybe has a little bit of rust from an old rusty jar lid, the quick swipe of a moistened magic eraser will definitely do the trick for you. 

  • Coffee pot

    • My coffee pot gets full of coffee stains around the bottom ram. As soon as I start seeing these marks, I fill the pot about halfway full with warm water and wipe it clean with my magic eraser. In just seconds, shining like you just bought it!





  • Plates

    • I hate when my ceramic plates get full of scratches from using silverware. Even faster than barkeepers friend, magic eraser takes these marks right off with the power of Mr. Clean!

  • Coffee mugs

    • We have an amazing collection of coffee mugs from all over the world. They are all constantly full of coffee, tea or juice and this stains them. My life is made much easier having a magic eraser within the reach of my fingertips when I’m washing dishes. Once there’s just a peek of one of the stains on any of our coffee mugs, we clean it just as you would with a sponge.

  • Cups

    • Ceramic cups or even glass cups can get scratched up really easily and most people will toss them in the garbage once they noticed these marks. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to toss any of these things anymore. Clean it out with a magic eraser just like you would with a regular sponge while washing dishes. That’s all!

  • Casserole dish

    • Same as for the ceramic plates and bowls, give your casserole dishes and trays a quick wipe down with your magic eraser and they will be good as new.





  • Pots

    • Greasy pots that are actually clean but still look dirty? Everybody has them! But if you have a magic eraser stashed under your kitchen sink, you don’t really have an excuse to have pots and pans that look like that. For the really caked on stains, you’ll need your magic eraser, hot water and a lot of elbow grease. Rub, rub, rub until you see it shine.

  • Pans

    • Same as above. Wax on and wax off.

  • Cooking ware

    • I cannot tell you the countless times my wife and I have tossed perfectly good cooking ware because of stains, scratches or of any marks. Sometimes magic eraser can work so magically it’ll come off in just a few seconds. For the really stuck on stuff, put your back into it and forget about tossing your stuff. Wash it with some dish soap when you’re done and put away like if you just bought it at the store.





  • Scuff marks

    • Bumped into a wall with something and left a mark? Accidentally put up your shoe against the wall while sitting down? We all do it sometimes. With your magic eraser and just a little bit with cold water, wipe away your small mistakes.

  • Cabinets

    • Houses come full of cabinets and somehow they always get full of the darndest stuff. Bathroom cabinets always powdery from the little hairs that let off of toilet paper. Is that why it’s called the powder room? Kitchen cabinets accumulate grease. With the simplicity of a magic eraser, you can say goodbye to the stress that caused you. 





  • Grout

    • Every single person who lives in a house that has even a square foot of grout knows how annoying it can be to get down on all fours to get it squeaky clean. Sometimes even that won’t do the job. With magic eraser—yes, on all fours—it’ll be done quicker and actually stay white.

  • Tile

    • The grossest stuff gets stuck on tile. Wet your magic eraser with some warm water and wipe it right off. Towel dry to make sure you don’t slip.

  • Wood

    • Same as above. Do make double sure that it’s dry so your floors don’t get ruined.





  • Shoes

    • Eww…shoes get disgusting! They touch the floor everywhere they go and the nastiest stuff gets on them. A moist magic eraser and some elbow grease can really revive your shoes.

  • Jewelry

    • If you leave your jewelry lying around and unprotected, it’s bound to change color. Soak your jewelry in hot water and wipe off with magic eraser. Easy!



School supplies


  • Crayon

    • Kids love to write on the walls. With crayon, just wipe with a wet cloth first and then scrub it off with magic eraser.

  • Sharpie

    • The worst of the worst is permanent marker. But, it can be revived. No matter what it’s stuck on, wipe it off with magic eraser.

  • Pen

    • This one is easy. Scrub, scrub, scrub and it’s all done.



Rust & Grime


  • Last but not least, rust & grime can be one of the worst things to clean. Wear gloves for this one, unless you feel confident that your most recent tetanus shot will cover you. Spray it down with really hot water mixed with baking soda. Let it sit for a few minutes. After you’ve let it bubble up, scrub off with A LOT of elbow grease until it’s sparkling!


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