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4 Top Tips to Host House Guests

March 21, 2018

If you did not already catch my 4 Top Tips to Host House Guests on the The Lavender Hytta, thanks to Carrie, you are in luck because it is being reposted here today! It is finally time to share some of my secrets to happy hosting. There is a plethora of ideas for hosting guests at home online. From Pinterest to Google, there are too many options under the sun. But what are the best tips to host house guests on short or long visits? The truth is that is does not take much to please your friends or family, being cost-effective and time-wise.



Having family or friends over can be daunting; yet, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s make happy hosting fun and exciting with simple things that anyone can do to prep for the guest’s arrival. For certain, I follow these top tips every time we have guests over and it truly makes all the difference in the world.


Today, I want to share with all of you my top four ways that I prepare my home for happy house guests in order to make sure they are comfy and feel right at home. Their home away from home.



Here are 4 Top Tips to Host House Guests:


1. Fresh linens & towels


The first thing I prepare in the upstairs guest bedroom when my wife and I are certain family (or friends) is coming over are the sheets and towels. I wash the quilt and comforter since we have two in that room.



Fresh sheets and pillowcases are set in place while everything washes. Clean and soft towels are placed on the vanity of the guest bathroom [one for each person]. Once the quilt and comforter are ready, my wife and I make the bed with all the decorative pillows.




2. Clear WiFi connection


We all know that the love of WiFi is real. If you are having house guests over, the most courteous thing you can do is to offer a completely clear and uninterrupted internet connection. This results in a happy ending, every single time, I kid you not.


My wife and I have gone as far as adding a beautiful chalkboard printable up on the wall of the main guest room that has the WiFi password in an easy-to-read font. For your very own digital printable, you can snag it on Aloha Paper Boutique.



I wouldn’t say that it’s absolutely necessary to have a television set in your guest room or daybed area, but; I do see an improvement in the happiness factor ever since we implemented that.


To be honest, most times, house guests come equipped with laptops and tablets and iPads so they will find a way to connect to the internet as long as you provide the connection.



Of course, don’t forget to invite them to sit around the living room and enjoy some Netflix or Hulu+ together. That is always lots of fun and opens the door to pure laughter.



3. Welcome basket


When I have the time, I love to prepare a welcome basket for our guests. I stuff it up with tons of goodies that will be enjoyable for whoever is coming to stay with us.




Sometimes, we do not get much advance notice that guests are coming. Since we live in a prime tourist spot, Orlando (The City Beautiful), many family members and friends plan last minute Disney or Universal trips to which we can never deny them a cozy spot to lay their heads and eat their meals.


For the times that we do not get a heads up, my wife and I tend to prepare a sweet greeting card with thoughtful words and an inspirational quote or bible verse. I have a huge stash of empty cards from the dollar store or dollar section of Target. These are good to have on hand for last minute occasions or pop-up visitors.




A written note expresses to your family or friends how much you care for them with a simple heartfelt gesture that does not take a lot of time. If you add a fully stocked welcome basket to the mix, you are sure to warm the heart of your sweet visitors.


These are some of the items that I put into a house guest welcome basket:


·         Sweet treats

·         Greeting card

·         Sugar scrub

·         Essential oil roll-ons

·         Books to read

·         Crossword puzzle

·         More…


Don’t you love the sound of that? And the list doesn’t even end there. This just merely scratches the surface of what kinds of fun items you can add to your welcome baskets. You can curate them to match the occasion and the taste of those who are visiting, since nobody is one in the same.



4. Clean house + feed them


It truly does not take much time to give your home a brisk clean-up. With just a few quick steps, you will be well on your way to a clean house so that you can focus on preparing quick and yummy meals for those who are coming over.


Wipe down countertops. Sweep and mop the floor. Organize the kitchen. Turn on some candles or an essential oil diffuser. Scrub toilets and bathtubs/shower. Done!




Once your house is sparkling and smells refreshing, you can either get to cooking some simple meals, preparing what you will be making, planning which healthy take-out spots you want to order from or plotting which cool restaurants you want to take your house guests on an outing to. You always want to make sure you have good food to keep your visitors well-fed and content!




Following my 4 Top Tips to Host House Guests will guide you to have happy visitors and teach you the simplicity of hosting. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg or break your back to make sure your house guests are cozy, comfy and happy.



With a lot of love, you can keep your house guests well-fed, entertained and already thinking of planning a trip back to spend with you and yours!




P.S. All the images featured here are of my home and were taken exclusively by me.

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