How To Manage Your Business On-the-Go

December 28, 2017


Today I want to share with you a manual, of sorts, to get you pumped about your business! Some people get discouraged thinking about managing their business(es) on the go. As the owner of multiple companies, I totally understand this challenge. I want to simplify this obstacle for all the self-starting entrepreneurs out there that did not get a manual for operating a business when they became an adult.


I was humbled to share on Biz + Bubbly back in August and thankful to Morgan for the opportunity to share these personal tips + tricks on managing a business when you are traveling or on-the-go. Let’s indulge in my top three ways on How To Manage Your Business On-the-Go!



Here is my manual on How To Manage Your Business On-the-Go:


1. Consistently have access to a good internet connection for your business laptop.


While I love the use of a desktop computer, everyone in the business world needs a laptop. As annoying as it is to always plug it in, what other device in the world can get your job done on-the-go like a laptop connected to a friendly WiFi network.




Getting internet access to your phone, tablet or laptop can seem like an easy thing to do until you are caught traveling somewhere that doesn’t have a coffee shop with free connection. It can be a difficult feat to find connection in certain places.


One of my top tips for connecting to the internet on-the-go is to plan out my day(s) knowing where are the points of internet access. This might sound crazy to you in the beginning days of your business; yet, by the time you are a pro, you will be doing it, too.


What does planning mean in this aspect? It means that I plan where I will be when traveling inserting an internet coffee shop or restaurant that advertises free WiFi into my itinerary to assure connectivity. This leads to consistency in responses to my emails and blog posts.


The last resort is to tether your internet from your phone to your computer. This is something I recommend learning as a back-up business tool because you never really know when you will need tethering for internet. Remember Google is your friend!



2. Be determined to follow a daily to-do list and accomplish at least the top four each day.


Each day, I begin with a simple to-do list. The top four that come to mind are for sure to be completed within that very same day. Sometimes my to-do lists are long but I maintain focus on those top four until they are done and fully checked off of the list. I learned this many moons ago from blogger, author & entrepreneur at Fed+Fit, Cassy Joy.


Just because your to-do list consists of 25 things doesn’t mean it needs to get done all right now. Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember that. Building a business takes time, determination + consistency. Of course, multi-tasking to accomplish checked to-dos is a total plus but you want to make sure you get things done right in an orderly manner. Make sure to double check all of your work, always!



Prioritizing those “top four” will help you begin achieving real goals for your business. Within seven days of following this method, I can guarantee you will see an increase in true productivity.


As the days go by, you will notice that you are checking multiple things off of what I call The Master List. There’s always a couple things that rotate from list to list but keep getting left at the bottom. Begin each day attempting to bring one of those annoying to-dos from your master list up to the top four.


Again, you won’t become a millionaire overnight; nevertheless, persistency is key and to-do lists are helpful at visually a goal in order to actually achieve it.



3. Use Google Suite to store pre-formatted documents, images, etc.


I absolutely love Google Suite. From the facility of reading emails through Gmail to the simplicity of saved documents on the Google Drive cloud, my businesses have improved dramatically when I began taking full advantage of all the free stuff Google Suite has to offer. I won’t get into them all but I will highlight some of my favorites, aside from Gmail.




In my Google Drive, you will find anything from the high quality images I photograph myself for my blog to pre-formatted documents used to assist me as a guide for writing my posts or guest posts. Morgan from Biz + Bubbly seems to know the gist of it, too, because I know she is totally into Google Suite.


There is also Google Analytics to help track all the visitors to your site and even Google AdWords to run the highest quality ads on the market on the most popular global search engine, Google. Talk about SEO optimization right there!


Although I do pay for the Google Suite service for one of my companies, I use the free services for the rest of them so rest assured that Google Suite has something for everyone: ways to store photos/documents, corresponding through email, advertising, and more.


I hope these top three ways on How To Manage Your Business On-the-Go were helpful to you in some way. This is just a little insight from my experience as an entrepreneur in the last six years. I am always learning, always growing, always grateful.


Feel free to comment below on your favorite ways to keep your business afloat while you are on-the-go.



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