Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globe

December 20, 2017

Since the death of my grandfather, cardinals have signified him watching over us. My mother, father and I happen to always see cardinals flying by or simply sitting nearby. Every time we do, we know it's God reminding us that Tata is always watching, always loving, and always rejoicing.


This keeps us motivated. This keeps his memory in us fresh. This keeps us going.


Recently, as I walked Bentley by the lake and chatted on the phone with my mom, I saw a cardinal drinking from a puddle of water near my patio. As I saw him enjoying a nice bath in the puddle, I quickly put her on speaker while telling her what I saw and snapped a few pictures. The pictures came out terrible because he was moving around but I knew I had to make a way to remind her of those good memories. I had to make a way to share what I felt in that moment without her seeing the same image. A homemade Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globe was the perfect thing.



Sometimes I cannot be there for my parents in person, or any of my family for that matter. I realized that using my creativity and some simple things that I had at home or could find at my local Dollar Tree, I could recreate these wonderful memories in an all encompassing Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globe. How perfect is that?


That my mother could shake this Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globe up every time she misses me or misses Tata. That she could remember the good times we all had as a family, with her father. And, even though she won't get to spend the holidays with him, she will see him again. This Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globe could represent so many things. For my dad as well. The thought of them having a reminder of everything we share: love, blood, and happiness, can be reinstated by a simple shake of a snow globe, handmade by yours truly.


Recently having visited Miami, I had planned to bring this to them as a surprise. Just because it is all in the Christmas spirit doesn't mean it had to be a Christmas gift. Half way through the drive, I realized I left the snow globe. I got so sad. I realized I could surprise them at another time because, as I previously stated, this Christmas Mason Jar Snow Globe can bring back so many good memories that the thought of being sad for forgetting to bring it for one second could be wiped away so quickly at the thought of the joy it will bring when it's shaken up.


I cannot wait to give this to them and bring to them the real spirit of the holiday season.


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