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15 Must-Have Kitchen Gadget Essentials

July 9, 2017

I get asked all the time if I have specific kitchen gadgets that are essential to my everyday life and, of course, essential to the blog. The answer to that question is a big fat YES! I have tons of kitchen gadgets but I wanted to share my top 15 Must-Have Kitchen Gadget Essentials for anyone just starting to get their kitchen together.


If you have a well-established kitchen yet you feel there is something lacklustre about it, fret not! This post about my 15 Must-Have Kitchen Gadget Essentials is for you, too. I think that there is something for everyone here. I find that each item listed is not only absolutely essential for a kitchen to have but an affordable addition, as well.



After much waiting to hear about my absolute, diehard favorite kitchen supplies, here are my top 15 Must-Have Kitchen Gadget Essentials!



1. Mason jars are the absolute number one kitchen essential for my family. From canning or jarring to plain old drinking a glass of water, mason jars are a cheap & sustainable item that I cannot live without.


Ball Mason Jars

2. I have this incredible 3 pack funnel set that my wife and I use on a daily basis. We use each size for different types of refills, from olive oil to water bottles.


Nopro Funnel Set

3. Where do I even begin with The Inspiralizer? This is easily one of the most used gadgets in my kitchen. I mean, who doesn't want to turn veggies into fun, edible spirals? Everyone does!


The Inspiralizer

4. Oh golly! I just swoon at the addition of new & colorful wine stoppers by one of my favorite kitchen gadget brands. This is an essential for me in order to maintain & preserve the quality of opened bottles of wine.


Joie Wine Stoppers

5. From kitchen gadget to basic travel essential, I don't go anywhere without my handy dandy twin-bladed peeler because nothing else can quite do the job as this one.


Joseph Joseph Twin-Bladed Peeler

6. Since I moved out on my own at the age of 21, one of my very first kitchen purchases were these amazing set of airtight glass canisters. Till this day, I have all my dried goodies in these.


Oggi Airtight Glass Canisters

7. At my house, my wife and I drink lemon water daily. This citrus squeezer makes it possible!


OXO Citrus Squeezer

8. One of my favorite kitchen hacks is to press a ton of garlic with my garlic press and cover with olive oil for fresh, easy fridge storage.


OXO Garlic Press

9. There is absolutely no ​sponge on the face of this planet that can do the job like this one. From scrubbing disgusting pans to simply wiping off lipstick from the rim of a glass, these are the best!


Scrub Daddy Sponge

10. I am totally obsessed with my measuring cups! Not only do they bring life to my kitchen but they inspire me to bring beautiful dishes to life in the knick of time.


Sur La Table Copper Measuring Cups

11. One of my favorite Groupon purchases to date is our multi-purpose digital blender.


The Dash Digital Blender

12. My wife and I get daily usage of our favorite mixing spoon. The materials are eco-friendly, durable and sturdy, allowing me to have mine for the last 3+ years.


Tovolo Mixing Spoon

13. Perhaps not used daily, the slotted spoon made the list anyway! This useful little tool is great for whipping it up yet having a form of drainage, if need be.


Tovolo Slotted Spoon

14. Definitely used on a daily basis is my favorite steel-handle spatula. This makes getting to the bottle of my DASH blender super easy!


Tovolo Steel-Handle Spatula

15. To go with my beautiful measuring cup set, I had to snag some matching measuring spoons.


West Elm Copper Measuring Spoons

So there you have it, my top 15 Must-Have Kitchen Gadget Essentials! These are truly items that I, myself, could not live without. To this, my wife will surely attest and, perhaps, agree.


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