14 DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2016

With just five short days till Valentine’s Day, I had to come up with a little something to share with all of you love birds out there that may or may not have a chance to go out and buy a gift for your significant other, or new beau.


I just read something this morning on Twitter about Rachel Ray going on the Today’s Show this week handcuffed to her husband to represent the bond that they have and how much they mean to each other…



That’s typically the part where people stop reading and insert the met “blah blah” but I think she is making a very good point for us all to learn from. I relate this more to marriages then I would to just any relationship. If your relationship is serious, feel free to read this directed to you as well. It’s just the contract part that doesn’t really apply. Before you start wondering what contract?! Keep reading…you’ll see. Where my married people at?



A marriage is not supposed to be flaky or faulty. Yes, there’s ups and downs. Yes, there are hardships. Yes, you will butt heads and scream till your lungs give out. Yes, you will hug right after like it is nothing and still take that drive by the store after work to buy a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs, even if you really don’t want to. No, cheating is not an accident. No, you cannot just step all over each other and think it’s okay. And, last but not least, when you give your heart to someone there are rules. But, what is love without some heart aches? I could keep on going but I don’t have all day here and I am sure that neither do you.


A marriage is solid and should have a set in stone foundation. To me, the handcuffs Rachel Ray will wear as she walks on stage attached to her man next week aren’t just to flaunt some bling. This represents that foundation to which a couple ties themselves into spiritually with each other, and God especially. Getting married is a spiritual contract between you, your spouse and God.



For those of us thinking it’s ridiculous to handcuff yourself to your spouse for a couple hours, we have to start to second-guess what’s really wrong down in the core of oneself that gives so much doubt as to how we would feel permanently attached to one another. The annoyance of your significant other maybe makes you cringe but have you ever stopped to think it might be you being unappreciative or not accepting them for who they are or some other thing that blames you for the problem? Sometimes it takes a little patience and emotional elbow grease to get through a whole day loving someone else who might be different than you. I’m sure that I’m to blame for a lot of mishaps in my own marriage, but don’t tell my wife I sent that. LOL. It’s the Ying and the Yang thing, you guys!



Here are 14 DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day you can make at home for your lover.




1. Bee My Valentine with a Burt’s Bees lip balm to help through the winter.


by Polka Dot Chair


2. Wine Cork Coasters are perfect for the wine connoisseur.


by Cambria Estate Winery


3. Surprise your man with Heart Shaped Post-Its on the bathroom mirror.


by Cella Jane


4. What man would deny his love for some Bacon Chocolates?


by Clean & Scentsible


5. Pre-plan outings with your guy using these Date Envelopes.


by Shannon Brown


6. Spend a day putting on makeup and create a Lipstick Art masterpiece.



by A Beautiful Mess


7. Or, you can make your simple guy some Simple Bookmarks.


by Family Focus Blog


This Valentine’s Day at our house we want to make it about celebrating the foundation on which our love was built, which is the love of Jesus. In the roughest times of our life, God put us in each others lives and showed us that together {Marylex, Jesus & I} we can overcome the world. Even if we were handcuffed for days, it’s that spiritual contract I was talking about that comes to play in this talk of being handcuffed to your husband or wife. How will you celebrate this Valentine’s Day?


At the end of the day, love is not about the materialistic things {even the coolest DIY projects, crafts & gifts in all of Pinterest and the blogosphere} it’s about the permanent handcuff you’ve got linked to your wrist and attached to the other end is the love of your life. Take this Valentine’s Day to celebrate that invisible hand cuff that we choose to put on every morning in our hearts. Will you or will you not be doing gifts to your significant other this year? If you are doing some gift-giving, are you taking the DIY route or did you buy something in stores? Feel free to leave a note in the comments for some discussion and future Valentine’s Day ideas.





8. Strawberry Sugar Scrub is the perfect, homemade beauty product for your sugar.


by Totally the Bomb


9. Shine some light for your honey with these Glow-in-the-Dark Valentines.


by Delia Creates


10. Get creative and make a golden Carved Candle for your gal.


by Hello Glow


11. Or, you can make her these Modern Cement Planters for the kitchen.


by Apartment Therapy


12. You could also go all out for your special lady with these Heart Macarons.


by Liv For Cake


13. Oh! And, do you remember that Rejuvenating Coffee Body Scrub from last year?


by chefNia*


14. Last but definitely not least, you can always go traditional with Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


by Dit.Elle



So that is a wrap on my first roundup…EVER! Yay for me and yay for you because there are so many options here.


Before you go off and about with your day remember this…Love is love. No matter what you look like or sound like or who you date or who you marry.

Love is love. Celebrate it well and celebrate it with the one you love. And, if there’s not a particular special someone in your life you would like to celebrate love with, don’t forget the ones around you who love you most. Go and spend it with them. Spread the love, that is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Absorb it and feel the love.


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