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10 Reasons to Push Forward

February 6, 2016


  1. I can lose the weight permanently.

  2. I will be more active.

  3. It will help make running easier.

  4. It will instill a deep motivation within me.

  5. I will be proud of myself.

  6. Getting healthier will be made easier.

  7. I can motivate my wife through my efforts and, when I slack off, she can motivate me.

  8. I can kiss PCOS goodbye forever.

  9. I will get my period monthly.

  10. My body can learn to continue healing and not stunt itself in a plateau.

The devil hates obedience. We can do it, here & now!


It’s not about the place, it’s about God in the place, and; He is here, now.



Hi there, pretty people! These last few weeks since we moved have been intense. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. We moved on December 31, yes, on New Year’s freaking Eve—my grandma’s birthday, too. The move was the least of it all. After wrapping up different services and projects we wanted to complete before the first week of the year was over, we had to start packing to head out to our Tuscany and Amalfi coast road trip in Italy. It was an incredible time and I’ll talk about that a little later with the addition of pictures. Follow us @travel.yelp.live.


Over the weekend prior to that, we had painters come to paint the whole house top to bottom; we, also, had a cleaning service come and clean out the whole house, I will add though that their services were awful. We paid over $312 to have them come and clean our new house. I don’t know what it is about our luck with dirty houses but this one was dirtier than the Raleigh house, I know that might seem unbelievable but I’m serious.



Whatever… So the service was crappy and they charged me twice, they finally refunded me the other half about a week ago. Has something like this ever happened to you? What was your reaction? I was pretty pissed but I acted professional and, even so, they said they would not refund the original fee, including that they would send another team out to clean again and, hopefully, leave it sparkling clean. This did not happen but I won’t dwell on it because I’ve cleaned 110 times since then and did a much better job. The lesson learned is that you don’t hire someone to do something you can do better. Simple as that.



As we do DIY projects around the house, I will be posting before and after photos, as I did get to snap some before we started working on different things. Regardless of having phenomenal trip to Europe within the last month, we knew once we were packing up to head back to the Lower 48 that we had to get our head on straight to start focusing on the remodel of our new home. Sitting in the airport in Milan, we wrote several different lists on Evernote in order of priority, and by room of course, with details of each and every single project wanted to tackle in the year 2016. Exhausted of writing lists and also of reading about European history on the way back to the 14th century, I started reading through old lists in several of the different notebooks I have created over the years on my Evernote account—thank you, Lala, for showing me about this wonderful app—and I found this list basically blew me away. When I wrote this list, I was in a really bad place and I didn’t even believe that I would be able to do such a thing.



Now, I’m at another point in my life. I know I’ve said that before on the blog but, you guys, this time it’s for real! I’ve continued to drop the weight and since The Legendary Road Trip, I’ve lost approximately 20 to 30 more pounds. This is absolutely huge for me and I have to give the praise to God because I could not do this without him. I am not doing drastic changes but minor changes that add up to the bigger changes in my all-around life. I can promise you that when I wrote that initially, I didn’t even expect that I could overcome them. I read a lot of other blogs and they motivate me to keep pushing it’s my turn now to motivate you.



If you're ready to change, set these 10 Reasons to Push Forward about you. Edit them to match your life at this moment & keep this promise. Promise yourself that you will do everything you can to you reach goals that you set.


Don’t overachieve and set goals that are unrealistic. Sit for a moment and think to yourself what are the things you’ve been struggling the most with and what you really want to change about yourself. Getting back to basics is what it’s all about and, if I can do it, you can too!


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