My name is Estefanía but you might know me as chefNia*.


Having lost 130 lbs, eHealed is about my real life beyond the scale. I want to connect with those who are on a similar journey as myself, getting healthy one day at a time.

It all started with the desire for more out of life.

I wanted to change.

I wanted to get healthy & fit.

I wanted to travel.

I wanted to change my life.

I needed to be FREE.

I used to have no energy in order for my creative juices to flow. I was obese. I believed travel was for the rich & famous, not for the regular daydreamers, like you and me. And, I thought that the products sold in stores with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce was the norm + that was the only stuff I could use in or on my body, forever.



Losing the Weight


In early 2012, I weighed 301 lbs, I could barely even move in the space around me. To me, good health seemed impossible to achieve—much less weight loss. I blamed the hormones. I blamed my genes. I blamed everyone around me, except me. This was the biggest I had ever been + I had nobody to blame but myself for being that size.


It was time to change, so I did.

I made a conscious decision to begin eating healthy and exercising weekly. In order to remain motivated, I posted my progress (before + after pictures, meals, motivational quotes, fitness routines and even sweaty selfies) on Instagram. Immediately, I began seeing a response in family and friends cheering me on. They dubbed me, "chefNia*", and I have never looked back.

The Present


Eight years from the moment I walked into my first recovery meeting, here I am!


Sugar, flour and dairy still have no place in my life. I am totally okay with that now that I see what my body is capable of becoming. And, it's not over yet!

I have lost 130+ lbs over the course of my recovery. My furry babes keep me sane: I have the sweetest Weimaraner, Bentley Mac, who is now six years old, a crazy Deaf Dalmatian, Penelope Rose, she just turned one, and a Tabby kitty cat, Oliver Phillip Queen, he is just a baby.

For quite a while, I have been known as the traveler of my family because I was always headed to hike, zip line, fly, kayak or drive somewhere in the world. NOW, we have added a new member to the family, our & are a family of four! Our little tribe will just keep exploring the world together.


If I can do it, then YOU can too!


Life has hit me hard in the last few years with long-drawn out bouts of chronic widespread pain. Several diagnoses, spinal injury, late night hospital visits and countless surgical procedures later, I am still pushing to heal my life the right way.


There is nothing that I cannot accomplish. And, there is nothing that you cannot do to get your life together and accomplish the goals you have set!

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The Beginning of chefNia*


I was always overweight, since the age of eight, and I never realized I was in control of my own destiny. At a young age, I was diagnosed with PCOS {Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome}, which many women live with and go undetected. With my hormones always haywire, I thought I was destined to be obese.


Straight out of high school, at the mere age of sixteen, I went to college to study American Sign Language & English interpretation. Being an interpreter was my dream and I pushed until I accomplished that. I lost a lot of weight with some diet pills and thought I was well on my way to be the slim interpreter I had always dreamt of being.

Fast forward to graduation, I got my Associates and later my Bachelor's in ASL interpreting. Soon after, I began working in the interpreting industry. My services were popular, but; I ate away all of my feelings while alone in the car driving from job to job. Before I knew it, I had ballooned to the heaviest weight ever.

I was sick and tired of being the “fat” sign language interpreter on the job or behind the screen. It was overwhelming being out of breath going up the stairs with colleagues. Nothing fit me the way it was supposed to. My reflection in the mirror reflected who I was inside, unhappy.


After all the yo-yo dieting I did all my life, I knew the fire inside me this time was different. I signed myself up for a 12 step recovery program that I could attend weekly with a group of ladies that struggled with all different types of issues from all different walks of life. This was the key to push me towards a true life change. In no way does this mean everyone needs a 12 step program; however, this is my story and this is how I got to where I am.


I had a spiritual awakening while I participated in my 12 step recovery group. God met me halfway when I finally had the courage to ask Him for help in getting on the right path. Recovery was the only option I had ahead; I gave it my all. Jesus saw me through as I worked my 12 steps.

Real Change


My lifestyle change began when I decided to abstain from eating sugar, flour and dairy as part of my daily diet. I added a healthy dose of exercise three to five times a week. This helped me to not only lose the weight but keep it off, be healthy, get fit, & rid myself of toxins—slowly but long term.

This is the natural life I have embraced. As I often say, “This is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle”; it could not be more true. I have been strictly plant-based for two years now.

I have been able to heal my body from the inside out with proper nutrition, exercise routines & essential oils. I trust in God and in this process of forever change.

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