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Sip, sip, hooray! It's almost Mother's Day. This is one of my most relaxed holidays. Most times, due to work and living far, I cannot go visit my mom. Womp, womp.

Typically, my wife takes me on a little dog mom getaway. If you don't already know that being a dog mom is a full-time job, watch my IG st...

I’m still trying to get back into the rhythm of posting on a weekly basis. I’m sure you’ll notice that my posts have been fluctuating from topic to topic without a clear direction. My bad. I’m really trying to find my groove.

I want to take a more simplified approach so that I could have actual time...

This year, I challenged myself to do the 80 Day Obsession workout program by Autumn Calabrese through Beachbody. It has been nothing short of hard. I have not been perfect at it but I have surely given it my all.

Just a few short days from the end, I am set to start a full round of MMA style workouts...

Just a few weeks ago, I went to visit my best friend, Destiny, in Hot Springs. To say the very least, I had the best time. We went on the funnest adventures and I cannot wait to do it again.

While visiting, some of my jewelry tarnished [Desty's necklace was also and she hadn't figured why or how to f...

I won't even bore you with the fact that I am lazy on blogging this year. Today is different though. I am coming up with a blogging plan. I opened up my editorial calendar and got to cracking. And just like that, I was on my way to bringing you content you've come to know and love. One big thing I g...

Welcome the newest addition to the Lopez-Sarraff family, our little girl Penelope Rose. We are officially a family of four! The missing puzzle piece to our tribe.

Long story short, God gave us a sweet newborn Dalmatian. Bentley Mac, our five year-old Weim, really needed a sister & Penny girl really n...

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