For me, one of the easiest ways to build a gallery wall is to start by clearing off the current wall. I find it best to start with a clean, preferably white, canvas. All the walls in my house, for the exception of my family stairway gallery wall, is white. That wall was supposed to be "Destiny grey"...

Old post coming in hot. Wrote this a while back. Still under construction but comfy for the time being.

Seriously guys, one of the longest projects known to man has been turning my main outdoor conversation area into the Comfy Patio Lounge that I’ve fallen in love with [while we wait to redo the floo...

I love hosting people at my house and that should come as no surprise to you all, my readers. I am sure I talk about this all the time [4 Top Tips to Host Guests] but I’ve never actually dedicated a post to the decor of the room and ways to up-do a guest space with little to no money.

It’s truly the...

Not gonna lie, I legit did not know what to name this post. I am honestly still not even content with my choice. The point is, you needed to see this DIY for yourself and I needed to stop being so damn greedy about this cool idea because I have not seen it anywhere, at all, online.

Yippee for me who...

Back in 2015, when my wife and I bought our townhouse in Orlando, I really had no idea what I was doing when it came to renovating or remodeling a house. And, although we haven’t torn down any walls just yet, we’ve done a whole lot of restoring and gutting of the place. I truly thought I was the que...

In this life, God gives us many teachers. He gives us parents, the first ones to teach us about life and set us on our way. There are friends, siblings, cousins, children. And, then, there are our educators. The ones who shape us. The ones who, although not in any way blood related or destined to be...

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